Jan 25, 2014

Looking Forward

I haven't blogged in a good while.  I think about The Nomad Cooks quite often!  I still feel so grateful for the kind support I was offered as I was choosing to leave boyfriend and move home.  Sometimes during quiet, calm moments during the day my mind drifts to this spaces and mentally writes.

Unsurprisingly, I stopped blogging at the same time I started therapy.  I was lucky to discover a local University offering low-income therapy rates using their almost-doctors-grad-students.  Discovering the benefits of therapy is the single most positive experience of my transformative year.  I've learned to accept my choices and understand my consequences.  I've learned it's ok to feel the way I do and to cry when I need to cry.  I've learned that being emotional is not wrong or bad and nothing to fear or hide. 

Mostly, I'm learning to move on at my own pace.  When I arrived back in the US I wasn't thinking my actions through rather making rash decisions to find ways to keep myself busy.  Now, that the dust has settled and I have a new horizon in front of me, I'm working on making long term plans.  This does mean I may live with my parents longer than desired but that's ok.  There is nothing wrong with needing a little bit of support.

Professionally, I've begun working towards my goal of becoming an Event Coordinator/Manager.  I swear I'm the only person in the world who loves planning so much I yearn to make a career out of it.  I'm currently the Lead Event Coordinator at a small non-profit.  It's a volunteer position meaning I make no money.  So, to stay afloat, I work part time as an Innkeeper.  It's very boring and I often have hours of down time every night.  Mainly, I use that time to apply for jobs, read, browse Match.com and, maybe, also play Candy Crush.

Overall, life is moving on.  I'm not happy about where my life is at for being an almost 27 year old.  I wish I could jump into a full time position with benefits, move out of my parents house and be back to being ms-independent-me but altas that's not what I have right now.  I still have a future and I'm looking forward to making it a great one.

Oct 10, 2013

Jungle Safari: Varna, Bulgaria.

While teaching in Bulgaria part of my teaching duties required going on the bi-weekly excursions.    On this day we had the delight of going on a jungle safari!  I was told by the kiddos there would wild snakes in the grass, fellow teachers told me to bring a bag since we'd be cherry picking and my boss told be there would be a lot of wine to drink.  Basically, I had no expectations.

I would define myself as adventurer, who is often time fearless and lover of new experiences.   
  However, I found this experience terrifying. I was scared to death.  I could not calm myself down.  I though we would all die.

The 3 vehicles the camp rented were made while Bulgaria was under the U.S.S.R.  These were U.S.S.R. vehicles  They were so old.  This company did not make much money and I doubt they were shipping in new parts to maintain the vehicles.  The driver were fearless, we went up and down steep hills and I felt every little bump, curve or rock.  We drove through brush to the point that everyone had marks on their arms from getting scratched attacked by plants.  At one point we stopped the cars and shot guns.  I could keep going but I'll stop. 
I was so scared I couldn't steady my hand to take pictures so I hope the ones above are decent to show my side of the adventure.

While I was terrified, everything was fine.  We all survived and ended the night at a local families house/restaurant.  The family lived in the hills we frolicked on and made red wine and Rakia (a Balkans alcohol). The final drive home was gorgeous.  The sun was setting and we were surrounded my Sunflowers fields spanning into the horizon.  It was gorgeous.   

I can't in good faith recommend going on the highly advertised Varna Jungle Safari as it was my most terrifying experience in Bulgaria (and I was lost on a mountain for 8 hours in Sofia).
But also, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Make the most of your time in Bulgaria and do it.
You'll regret the things you didn't do more that the things you did.


Oct 9, 2013

Exhaustion and lazy blogging

Since moving home, I've done my best to stay busy and active.  I've set goals for my future and I've slowly been staying on target and gaining the right experiences, wuhoo!  I've been very happy with my new pace of life and today my body is telling me different.  I feel like someone magically zapped every ounce of energy from me.  Thankfully, my Wednesdays are actually my Sundays so I can be lazy.

Lazy Blogging:
  • I went out, properly, for the first time last Saturday. Cozy Dana Point wasn't the snore I thought it would be. I met a few people and one guy tricked me and stole a kiss! 
  • I love my new job so much! I barely get paid but it's in my desired field so hopefully I can use the experience for a betting paying job soon : )  
  • On a similar note, I've been very disappointed about needing to stay with my parents longer than intended. I had a very long chat with a close childhood friend who gave me a new perspective on living at home. I've decided to accepted my parents offer to help me out and be at peace with living at home.
  • To gain more experience, I've been volunteering at a few places. Most commonly at the Alzheimers Association. It's pretty awesome.  I also tempted at Sizzler USA for a few days.  I tasted their upcoming Thanksgiving meal and have to admit it was pretty good.
  • My childhood friend just moved home with her husband and is starting a photography business. We decided to team up and launch her So-Cal business together. Check her out at http://www.devynleone.com/. Our Groupon comes out next week!
  • Also, if you have any tips on how to successfully launched a photography business, let me know. 
  • I've started going to Yoga in the Park. I went almost every day last summer and I've only just started going back. I'm out of practice but my body already feels so much better.
  • I've been walking my dog at the Dana Point Harbor when I have a chance. It's so beautiful and everyone fawns over my timid pup. It's a nice way to spend a hour.
  • I've also become a personal assistance for a women.  It's very part time but great experience plus she travels so much that I've become her on-call house/dog sitter.  Did I mention every room in her house overlooks the ocean?
  • I signed up with Healthnet insurance when I moved home.  $75 a month for decent coverage.  Well, starting January 1st that plan goes away!  I spent yesterday on the phone between jobs storting through the insurance obstacle course.  There new rates are super high, but with the poverty level raising, I now qualify for Medi-cal.  If anyone needs to tackel the new insurance fields and knows they qualify for Medi-cal learn from my mistake and head straight to coveredca.com to sign up for your new insurance (if you're californian).  You will be fined if you go uninsured, fyi.
  • Things aren't perfect and I wish I had a better paying job but really, I feel so happy to be home and headed in a direction I can be proud of.  I'm also so grateful to have parents who are willing to take me in and allow me to pave my own path.  I've a very lucky person.