Jan 25, 2014

Looking Forward

I haven't blogged in a good while.  I think about The Nomad Cooks quite often!  I still feel so grateful for the kind support I was offered as I was choosing to leave boyfriend and move home.  Sometimes during quiet, calm moments during the day my mind drifts to this spaces and mentally writes.

Unsurprisingly, I stopped blogging at the same time I started therapy.  I was lucky to discover a local University offering low-income therapy rates using their almost-doctors-grad-students.  Discovering the benefits of therapy is the single most positive experience of my transformative year.  I've learned to accept my choices and understand my consequences.  I've learned it's ok to feel the way I do and to cry when I need to cry.  I've learned that being emotional is not wrong or bad and nothing to fear or hide. 

Mostly, I'm learning to move on at my own pace.  When I arrived back in the US I wasn't thinking my actions through rather making rash decisions to find ways to keep myself busy.  Now, that the dust has settled and I have a new horizon in front of me, I'm working on making long term plans.  This does mean I may live with my parents longer than desired but that's ok.  There is nothing wrong with needing a little bit of support.

Professionally, I've begun working towards my goal of becoming an Event Coordinator/Manager.  I swear I'm the only person in the world who loves planning so much I yearn to make a career out of it.  I'm currently the Lead Event Coordinator at a small non-profit.  It's a volunteer position meaning I make no money.  So, to stay afloat, I work part time as an Innkeeper.  It's very boring and I often have hours of down time every night.  Mainly, I use that time to apply for jobs, read, browse Match.com and, maybe, also play Candy Crush.

Overall, life is moving on.  I'm not happy about where my life is at for being an almost 27 year old.  I wish I could jump into a full time position with benefits, move out of my parents house and be back to being ms-independent-me but altas that's not what I have right now.  I still have a future and I'm looking forward to making it a great one.


  1. It sounds like the last few months have been quite intense, but that you're making great strides in changing things so you're in a happier place. It's admirable that you're working so hard to have the career you want, as well.

  2. So glad to hear from you and that all is well! It is always good to remember that where you are is where you need to be on your life journey and not a different persons journey at 26. I know that all my friends back in California are at the buying houses and having babies part of being 28 and I am not at all, I am living in student housing with my husband and that is ok as long as I embrace it is my journey and not theirs!